When Bollywood Star ‘Married’ in Indonesian National Costume

We all know that celebrity couple Shaheer Sheikh and Ayu Ting Ting have tons of fans, and they all are eagerly want to see these celebrity tied the knot soon. Well, if someday this lovely couple getting married, it’s possible that they have an Indonesian themed wedding ceremony.

So, with his handsome India’s feature, how might Shaheer look like wearing Indonesia National Costume? Well, let’s just check these awesome pictures.

1. Fans’ Creative Editing Skills

These photos are getting viral after a fans of Mahabharata and Navya serials edit her idols’ photograph. Instagram user @ainosora is one big fans of Shaheer Sheikh and this huge admiration motivate her to upload Shahee’s photos in his instagram account frequently.

Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth 'married' in Indonesian tradition [via Instagram]
Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth ‘married’ in Indonesian tradition [via Instagram]
One of his photo series shows Shaheer in a Indonesian wedding costume portrayed in a picture above. Unfortunately, @ainosora match him with Soumya Seth in her photo edit, instead of Ayu Ting Ting with the caption says, ““Mas Anant sama mbak Navya mau akad nikah…” or “Anant and Navya is getting married”.

2. Sundanese Traditional Costume

Successfully ‘match’ Shaheer and Soumya Seth, @ainosora now edit another photo showing this Arjun marrying Pooja Sharma in Sundanese costume. In a white costumes, Arjun marrying the Drupadi in West Java tradition.

Sundanese Traditional Costume [via Instagram]
Sundanese Traditional Costume [via Instagram]

The caption reads, “Aa enjun n neng drupadi… Lovely couple, Shaheer Sheikh dan Pooja Sharma dalam busana pernikahan adat Sunda,” In this photo, you can see how Shaheer looks dashing in his white costume with a blangkon as a head accesories.

3. Preity Zinta the Javanese Bride

Not only Shaheer Sheikh, now Pretty Zinta also become the target of @ainosora. In this other series of editing game, the Kal Ho Naa Ho star wearing a Javanese costume called dodotan.

Preity Zinta the Javanese Bride [via Instagram]
Preity Zinta the Javanese Bride [via Instagram]
Aside from the dodotan clothes she wears, Pretty Zinta also wears Javanese traditional head accessories. With a full set of Javanese traditional costume you see from the picture above, we can hardly see her as an India’s girl anymore. Nope, she looks like a Javanese girl, if you ask me.

4. Soumya Seth in Sundanese Costume

While Preity Zinta looks so graceful in her dodotan costume, the Navya star, Soumya Seth looks stunning in her kebaya and Sundanese costume set. This time, @ainosora try to eksplore her beauty in Sundanese costume alone without Shaheer.

Soumya Seth in Sundanese Costume [via Instagram]
Soumya Seth in Sundanese Costume [via Instagram]
The purple and pinkish kebaya shows elegance, while the head accessories make her looks like Ratu Kencana Wungu. Unfortunately that stunning picture is only editing, and not the actual Soumya Seth wearing Sundanese costume.

5. Soumya Seth in Balinese Costume

This last photo shows Soumya Seth in Balinese costume. She can totally rocks the Sundanese costume, and now we know she looks no less stunning too in Balinese costume.

Soumya Seth in Balinese Costume [via Instagram]
Soumya Seth in Balinese Costume [via Instagram]
 The caption says, “Selamat pagi semua.. Didedikasikan pada penampilannya tadi malam. @somyaseth dalam balutan kostum Bali”. The smooth and flawless editing makes Soumya Seth look like she really wears this traditional costume sets.

Those are only a few of photos edited by @ainosora. At her account, there are more Bollywood couples picture’s edit wearing other national costume from Europe to Asia.

Written by Tetalogi

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